A sovereign is an entity that is supreme in power and/or authority. No other entity has power or control over a sovereign entity. Who is the sovereign in America, the supremely vested power of authority? In the United States of America, the sovereign is all American citizens.  To quote Edward Everett Hale: “The American People is the sovereign of America. [. . . .] Governors, Presidents, Secretaries of State, editors of newspapers, are not the persons who rule the country.  The American People rules the country, and all these personages are the officers of the American people.” (Hale, 1905, p. 14) Thomas Paine continues: “In republics, such as those established in America, the sovereign power, or the power over which there is no control, and which controls all others, remains where nature placed it – in the people; for the people in America are the fountain of power.” (Lewis, 1947, p. 224)