​Reviews by political science academia and other thought leaders have been very favorable.  Based on their reviews, understanding Human Rights Capitalism is likely to explode into a fundamental and long overdue return to that to which all Americans have already agreed.  Here are some of their comments:  Human Rights Capitalism “is a masterpiece"; “Your work struck me as a new and significant”; “It’s important to highlight that pure, unfettered exchange is not the natural expected state of capitalism”; “From one scholar to another — this is important stuff!”; “you have a lot of important things to say”; Human Rights Capitalism addresses “the most important issues we face regarding American democracy: how to reconcile the institutions and values of the economic system with the need to protect the rights of individuals and, collectively, of their communities”; “you make a stirring call to view the United States as based on its people rather than on any specific set of governmental structures or economic structures”; that is, “to see public policy in terms of its level of service to all the people”; Human Rights Capitalism “can become the basis for a strong call to action”; “I agree entirely that protecting human rights is a vital function of any community and government”; Human Rights Capitalism “contains fascinating information”.