John Avlon – No Labels

John Boehner – Speaker of the House of Representative, U.S.

Jenn Brown – Executive Director, Battleground Texas

Sylvia Mathews Burwell – U.S. Secretary of Health & Human Services

N. Keith Chambers – Executive Director, Illinois Human Rights Commission

Hillary Clinton – likely Presidential candidate for Democratic Party in the next Presidential election

Mike Feuer - Los Angeles City Attorney

Senator Al Franken – US Senator

Jeff Frazee – Executive Director, Young American League

Eric H. Holder, Jr – Attorney General of the United States

Kathleen G. Kane – Attorney General of Pennsylvania

Caroline B. Kennedy – daughter of John F Kennedy, and current U.S. Ambassador to Japan

John F Kerry – U.S. Secretary of State

Brad Lander – New York City Council

Lisa Madigan – Civil Rights Bureau, Office of the Attorney General, Illinois

Barack Obama – President of the United States of America

Mark Pacella – Chief Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania

Thomas E. Perez – U.S. Secretary of Labor

Harry Reid – Majority Leader U.S. Senate

Jocelyn Samuels – Acting Assistant Attorney General (Civil Rights Division)

Tea Party – Washington, DC

Dick Thornburgh – Chairman of the Washington Legal Foundation’s Legal Policy Advisory Board, which WLF champions unfettered capitalism

Elizabeth Warren – Senator of the United States of America and author

Marianne Williamson – California politician, author
Through letters, email, personal conversation, or other means, please encourage each of those listed below to begin down the path of restoring a great America and making America and We, the People sustainable well into the future through fulfillment of our Agreement among We, The People.   Ask them to read and understand their free copies of Human Rights Capitalism.  

May all Americans come to know, understand, appreciate, and fulfill our Agreement among We, the People.