​ “True American” Leaders

If you asked “What does it mean to be a “true American?” you would likely get a different answer from each American citizen (which would be more than 300,000,000 different answers).  Moreover, most would not know or understand whether their particular answer was factual or merely their personal opinion.  

If you asked “What is the Agreement among We, the People?” you would likely get the following answer – the Constitution of the United States of America.  This would be wrong, because the Constitution is a charter or grant of authority by We, the People to our Federal government to serve We, the People as the Sovereign. The Constitution itself recognizes this when it begins “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union”.  That is, the Union of We, the People already existed.

So, to determine what it means to be a true American you must first come to realize what constitutes the Agreement among We, the People.

If you do not know the answers to these two questions, it becomes impossible (other than by chance) to be a “true American” and to fulfill the Agreement among We, the People. 

In fact, the inability of America to solve its own problems is due to the fact that the vast majority of citizen-members of We, the People do not know, understand, appreciate or fulfill our Agreement among We, the People.  This is and should always be the starting point in every inquiry regarding the best solution to American challenges.       

In order to start the process of focusing all Americans who genuinely want to be “true Americans” on what this means, the publisher of Human Rights Capitalism has made complimentary copies of the new book Human Rights Capitalism available to iconic individuals in these loosely grouped areas:

- academia in areas related to human rights, political science and American history,

- political activists,

- ultra-wealthy capitalists,

- celebrities,

- individuals holding positions of public trust,

- religious leaders, and

- political journalists.
There was no common reason why particular individuals were identified and selected.  Rather, each shares a common aspect of American life.  Each of their respective livelihoods revolves around either 

(1) exploiting the human condition for their own financial gain (that is, each is profiting from their activity without a genuine intent to assist in the successful resolution of the challenges faced by other Americans which each member of the Sovereign (that is, We, the People) is duty bound genuinely to achieve within the limits of such American’s abilities and resources in fulfillment of their Sacred American Pledge),

(2) devoting themselves to the never ending quest of improving the human condition, or

​(3) some combination of the two. 

However, the reality is that each of us cannot know precisely why each of them does what he or she does.  Moreover, we cannot know whether what each of them does is intended to improve the human condition for all, or simply exploit mankind for personal gain.  That said, some seem self-evident as for example in the contrast between what one would expect to learn about political activists and religious leaders as contrasted with that which we would expect to learn about political leaders and capitalists.  But the object here is to afford each person an opportunity to comment on whether he or she is a “true American.”

So, each has been provided with a complimentary copy together with a challenge along these lines:
The book Human Rights Capitalism explains the origin, nature and confirmation of the Agreement among We, the People, which served as the Agreement around which We, the People formed and grew as a sovereign.   

As Americans and citizen-members of We, the People – what can be more important than knowing the answer to this question – To what have all citizen-members of We, the People already agreed?  Is it not absolutely true that we need to know the answer to this question before we seek to solve today’s challenges in a manner consistent with our Agreement?

Any bona fide leader in their respective areas of academia, political activism, capitalism, celebrity, positions of public trust, religion, and/or political journalism should warmly embrace the opportunity to be one of the first to know, understand, appreciate and fulfill our Agreement among We, the People, starting with learning the origin, nature and confirmation of the Agreement among We, the People.  As a member of the sovereign We, the People in the United States of America (its ultimate sovereign), this is part of our responsibility.

If any of these iconic individuals in their respective area feel that they are being singled out and would prefer not to participate, please let the publisher know by clicking here, and your name will be added to the Those Who Opted Out list.  At present, no one has opted out.
May all true Americans come to
know, understand, appreciate and fulfill -

our Agreement among We, the People