Declaration of Independence

This is the agreement entered into by and among all citizen-members of We, the People of the United States of America, dated July 4, 1776, which agreement has been referred to historically as the “Declaration of Independence”.  In this book Human Rights Capitalism we refer to the Declaration of Independence with the more accurate descriptive name the “Agreement among We, the People.” 

The Declaration of Independence breaks down into three specific sets of provisions:

(1) those provisions which deal solely with becoming independent of Great Britain (hence, “Declaration of Independence”),

(2) those provisions which deal solely with creating the agreement which forms We, the People as a wholly separate, independent sovereign, and

(3) those provisions which deal simultaneously with both (1) and (2), above.

​Those provisions which fall into categories (2) and (3), above, set forth the agreement upon which our sovereign “We, the People” is established and maintained in perpetuity, as one united People. See Agreement among We, the People, above.