George Clooney – Actor, producer 

Ellen DeGeneres – The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Morgan Freeman – Actor

Whoopi Goldberg – ABC’s – The View

Angelina Jolie – Actor

Miranda Lambert – Musician, actor

Howie Mandel – Actor, comedian, author, etc.

Dr. Phil Mcgraw – Dr. Phil show

Brad Pitt – Actor, producer 

Blake Shelton – Musician, actor

Howard Stern – Author, actor, talk show host, etc.

Meryl Streep – Actor

Kerry Washington – Actor

Oprah Winfrey – an American media proprietor, talk show host, actress, producer, and philanthropist
Through letters, email, personal conversation, or other means, please encourage each of those listed below to begin down the path of restoring a great America and making America and We, the People sustainable well into the future through fulfillment of our Agreement among We, The People.   Ask them to read and understand their free copies of Human Rights Capitalism.  

May all Americans come to know, understand, appreciate, and fulfill our Agreement among We, the People.